Proposed Constitution for the Romanticism Group

Statement of Purpose: The Romanticism Group is a discussion group at the CUNY Graduate Center that invites students and faculty from all departments to share current scholarship, interests, ideas, and ideas about European Romanticism. Our primary purpose is to foster an intellectual and social community of scholars that encourages interaction across disciplines between students and faculty.

Events: The group’s biweekly meetings foster discussion of recent publications in the study of Romanticism and offer students the opportunity to get feedback on their work from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives. Several times each semester, the group hosts a speaker from within or outside the CUNY community at a seminar open to all. Each event also has a social component since it offers an opportunity for those working in various disciplines to come together, network, and consider working together in the future.

Membership: Membership is open to all Graduate Center students, and we welcome the participation of all CUNY students and faculty as well as those from other institutions.

Governance: Only students matriculated at the Graduate Center will hold voting membership. Non-voting membership is open to non-matriculated Graduate Center students as well as to students and faculty from other academic institutions. Every academic year, elections are held by voluntary nomination followed by a general anonymous vote. There are two co-chairs. The co-chairs share the responsibilities of scheduling and running monthly meetings, organizing events, applying for funding, and serving as liaisons to the DSC.

Mission Statement: The Romanticism Group, a DSC-chartered organization, is an interdisciplinary study group for CUNY Graduate Center students interested in the study of Romanticism.


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